Hermione Carline : biography


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My work as an artist is about my own experience, shared with family, friends and others I cross paths with. Portraying atmospheres in their entirety incorporating themes of time, place, sound and the empty space that surrounds us, are all subjects that absorb me.

I was born in Hampstead to a family of artists. Paintings by my parents and ancestors, Carlines and Spencers, lined the walls, along with collections of African masks, antique dolls and toys, china and various curiosities. The atmosphere was inspiring and yet I knew that I needed to forge my own artistic path and explore beyond the traditional parameters I'd inherited.

I studied Painting at Camberwell School of Art and then followed with an MA in Textile Design at the Royal College of Art. From there I worked extensively as a textile designer, firstly in Switzerland before establishing myself in London. I co-founded the textile design studio The Collection, and my designs were sold throughout Europe, Japan and the USA, including clients such as Christian Dior, Pierre Cardin, and Ralph Lauren. I continued in the fashion industry, leaving in 1995 to bring up my three daughters, before returning to Fine Art in 2004. During this time I set up http://www.art-atelier.co.uk, my own studio teaching art to adults and young people.

Some of the influences on my work are more tangible than others. Travel has played an important part. Much of my recent work has been inspired by travel including two trips to Japan in 2013 and 2016. My interiors paintings reference Shoji screens and ancient architecture, but I'm also interested in the fragility and delicacy of antique fabrics, samplers and textile fragments.  It relates to my recognition of Nature's transience with its cycle of creation and decay. Like a perfume where the complex blend of ingredients linger long after the nebulous top notes have evaporated, my work comprises many layers. I am drawn to the patina of old wood, or shifting patterns in the sand and I return again and again to explore the beauty I perceive in impermanence and imperfection. It is the intangible that excites me.

My work has never taken a conventional route. I am excited by art in all its different forms and by what art can be. I now make use of a wide variety of media, bringing strands of different elements of my life together. Early memories, current experiences with friends and family, places I've visited and a continuing interest in design and interiors all form the inspiration for my ongoing work as an artist.